Hope Kelham

Position title: Communications Specialist


  • Directs and implements communication and marketing strategies for the Department of African American Studies
  • Point-of-contact for media communications internally and externally
  • Edits, ideates, and designs bi-annual newsletter and department advertisements
  • Designs and manages web content and social media channels
  • Plans and organizes faculty and student-facing events

Veneta Kovacs

Position title: Department Administrator


  • Manages and prepares department budget, expense and travel reports, general revenue, capital, summer budget, trust funds, and UW Foundation accounts
  • Handles all purchasing, reimbursements, invoices, and supply management
  • Manages office space and university equipment issues
  • Point-of-contact for matters related to human resources, benefits, and payroll

Student Affairs Program Coordinator


  • Manages graduate school and fellowship applications, students filings for declarations of major, major warrants, and grade change forms
  • Collaborates with graduate advisor, undergraduate advisor, and the Curriculum Committee on new course proposals, academic issues, course changes, and Timetables
  • Coordinates course offerings and supervises enrollment controls, class notes, and cancellations
  • Point-of-contact for the Office of the Registrar and Course Guide